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I have always had the idea that when i go out to eat it is not just about the food, i want to be enjoyed and have an experience, hopefully for the best.
Traveling, testing famous not famous, great and not great restaurant the ones i remember is always the ones that gave me a great time.
And to reach this i believe that the best experience to give to our guest is participating in a tasting dinner.

Amanda Eriksson

That’s why this winter season we have decided to work with 3 different tasting menus, a la carte menu will always be available.
We will have one all vegetarian tasting menu, one tasting menu that inspired of the local kitchen and one longer tasting menu that gives us more place to go out of the frames.

I am in love with Italian products and I believe with all of my heart that it is the most complete kitchen in the whole of the world, I feel lucky tough growing up in Sweden (Norbotten) and for every year that goes I carish more and more using swedish cooking technics and storing of products.
Then my own passion for the asian kitchen makes me have my own style.
As a mother, wife, daughter and chef life is crazy, but so good.

Amanda Eriksson

From I was a child the kitchen has been the place were I always spent most of my time, with my grandma, family and friends we always had un excuse to cook, bake and eat.